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Focus on Your Business

Software tools help you get stuff done. Try to make due with what you have for as long as you have, and only get new apps when you really need them.

Analyze Your Needs

Don't pick software just to have something new—figure out what you need from the tool, then research for a software that fits those needs.

Do Research

Don't settle on the first software you find—read reviews and ask for recommendations to make sure you've picked up a great tool.

Don't Scrimp

Software can be expensive, but if it fits a need and helps you do more, it can more than pay for itself over time.

Ask for Help

When you're getting started with a new software, you're bound to have questions and concerns. So ask. Just like your company, the software developers who make the tools you use want their products to work well for you.

Customize Your Software

Understanding your own needs and workflows will help you get the most out of your tools. Sometimes you'll have to tweak settings to make a tool fit your team's style. Other times, you might need need to use a software for a different purpose than it's originally intended for. What matters is getting the tool to fit your needs.

What You'll Learn

 Integrate Everything

We’re all about maximizing the value of tools—and there's no better way to get more out of your software than to get them to work together. If you want to automate tasks, copy and paste less, and tweak tools to work the way you want, you'll often need to connect them. Hook a spreadsheet with your CRM, then connect an email marketing app, and you'll have your own marketing automation workflow without needing any new software.

 Get Everyone Onboard

If your team won’t use the new app, there’s no point in implementing it. Adoption is critical.

Don't just find a new software: make sure everyone on your team is using it.

 Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

You might be using the same tool, but is everyone using it the same way? Your team needs to stay on the same page to avoid bottlenecks.

Make sure everyone knows how to use the new software —and what they should be using it for.

Discover the Best Software

We can't tell you which software would be best for your team, but we can help you choose one that fits your needs better than the others.

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