For a company of any size, hosting and operating a knowledge base is no easy task. It requires a ton of time, and even more money. If you're someone who is looking for a way to get started with your own knowledge base, you should check out Dewstack. This is a great tool that can help you build, host, and publish a knowledge base for free on your own domain in a matter of minutes.


What is Dewstack?

Dewstack helps you build and host your documentation on your own domain with no technical knowledge. Dewstack let's you create:

  • Product Docs - Make beautiful Product Docs for your users and increase the product understanding
  • Knowledge Bases - Build self service knowledge bases for your end users and reduce support tickets
  • User Manuals - Build amazing User Manuals quickly and let your users help themselves
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Make FAQs quickly and let your users get answers to common questions
  • Changelogs - Build and maintain Changelogs. Let your users always know what features/fixes have been released
  • Or Something Else - Dewstack is a flexible platform with which you can build any kind of documentation


Dewstack Features

Dewstack has a powerful editor which let's you create

  • Rich Embeds (i.e. embed from Airtable, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Track changes
  • Word, Excel & HTML paste
  • Beautiful call-outs
  • Markdown Support
  • Shortcuts
  • And lot more


In addition to having a powerful editor, Dewstack gets you more features like:

  • Drag-drop for seamless ordering
  • Templates to get started quickly
  • Auto save content
  • Powerful advanced search
  • Nested page support
  • Full screen editing experience
  • Shortcuts


Dewstack provides the Hosting of your documentation which comes with:

  • Free Dewstack sub-domain
  • Custom domain
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Private access


Dewstack documentation is highly customizable which let's you have

  • Custom branding
  • Multiple Themes
  • Landing Page
  • Multi-language
  • Workspace SEO (so you can have Google index your documentation pages)
  • Sections enable/disable


How to Publish Knowledgebase Sites Using Dewstack

  1. Create your FREE account or subscribe to their plans at DEWSTACK.COM

    How to Publish Knowledgebase Sites Using Dewstack

  2. Once logged in, create a workspace to start creating your documentation.

    How to Publish Knowledgebase Sites Using Dewstack

  3. Start customizing your documentation and publish it when you are done on your own domain or dewstack's subdomain!

    How to Publish Knowledgebase Sites Using Dewstack