Email marketing is a tried and true tactic that works well for businesses. It's not always easy to generate successful emails, but EmailWritr is here to help. This blog will look at how you can begin boosting your email marketing and boosting open rates with the tool.


Email marketing is a great way to connect with customers and boost business sales. Moreover, it is a great way to build relationships with clients and boost sales.  If you are looking for a few tips to start boosting your email marketing and boost open rates with email marketing, then EmailWritr will provide a starting point.

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How to Increase Open Rates with Email Marketing using EmailWritr

It is important that you find a balance between being too aggressive and too passive with your email marketing. You don't want to overwhelm your contacts with too many emails too often or send one email every day. EmailWritr makes it easy with their Done For You email sequences and templates.

How to Increase Open Rates with Email Marketing using EmailWritr


After selecting your Niche / Industry, you can customize your Email Campaigns and sequences by just answering a simple questionnaire.

How to Increase Open Rates with Email Marketing using EmailWritr


What's great about the platform is that you can connect this to Vbout for automatically sending your email campaigns!

How to Increase Open Rates with Email Marketing using EmailWritr


Below is a sample sequence generated using EmailWritr's Done for you Sequence

Industry: SaaS (Software as a Service)

Description: Email Sequence You Can Use To Promote Your SAAS Product When It Finally Launches

Email Sequence 1:


Subject: [product_name] is finally live!

Hey {!firstname_fix},

Do you want to start [specific_result1] even without [subsribers_challenge1], or [subscribers_challenges2]?

If yes, then today’s the day you have been waiting for!

Because after taking a look at all the [product_niche] tools available to find out what is good and bad about them…

…my team and I have used all the info we gathered to create [product_name], a brand new and unique [product_niche] software.

And starting today, the software is finally available for you.

With this amazing software, you’ll be able to:

  • [product_benefit1]
  • [product_benefit2]
  • [product_benefit3]
  • And much more!

And so much more…

The price of this software is [regular_price]. But for the next few days, you can get access to it at the crazy discounted price of [discounted_price].

Plus if you get access to [product_name] today, you’ll also receive a special bonus package worth [total_bonus_value].

Unfortunately, this launch price and bonuses will not be available for a long time.

So, it’s important that you act fast!

Click here to take advantage of this offer now!

I look forward to hearing how [product_name] will help you to achieve your [product_niche] goals.

All the best,


Email Sequence #2

Subject: TIME SENSITIVE: [product_name] is available to you!

Hey {!firstname_fix},

It’s [sender_name] here…

And in case you missed my last email, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for…

My brand new [product_niche] software, [product_name], is now live!

And you can get access to it today for just [discounted_price] instead of the regular price of [regular_price]

In other words, I’m giving my subscribers an xx% discount on the price of the software for a limited time.

If you’ve been reading the updates I was sending about this software; you may already realize just how valuable it would be in your business.

And again, the current special launch price will only be available for a very short time.

This is your chance to start [product_use] without [subscribers_challenges1], or [subscribers_challenges2]

Plus when you get access to [product_name] today, you’ll receive the following fast-action bonuses.

  1. Bonus #1: [bonus1_name]: [bonus1_description]

  2. Bonus #2: [bonus2_name]: [bonus2_description]

  3. Bonus #3: [bonus3_name]: [bonus3_description]

In total, you get access to over [total_bonus_value] in bonuses…

But you must act fast because these bonuses and the special launch discount I’m giving you will be withdrawn soon.

Click here now to get early bird access to [product_name] now!

Look forward to seeing you on the inside!




Email Sequence #3

Subject: The easiest way to [specific_result1]

Wow {!firstname_fix}!

I received some great feedback about [product_name] while it was still at the beta testing stage,

So, I expected some excitement now that it’s been launched…

But the response I ended up getting turned out to be overwhelmingly positive and more than what I can just read and keep to myself alone.

So, I’ve decided to share some of those feedbacks with you.

Please have a look at them below!

[testifier_1] said: [instert_testimonail1]

[testifier_2] said [instert_testimonail2], and

[testifier_3] said: [instert_testimonail3]

And that’s just the beginning. I have folders filled with similar testimonials from people who have got access to [product_name].

But I can’t possibly put all of them here.

These comments indicate that [product_name] is unlike any other [product_niche] software in the market today.

And it works perfectly.

In fact, I can comfortably say that using this software is the best way to [desired_result].

And right now, you can still get access to it at the special discounted launch price of [discounted_price]

But the clock is ticking…and in a few days from now, this offer will disappear.

So if you want to start [specific_result1] without [subscribers_challenges], or that you don’t want to [subscribers_challenges2] each time you need [product_niche] services

You should act now before it’s too late.

Click here now to get access to [product_name] at [discount_percentage]% off!




Email Sequence #4

Subject: A backstage pass to [product_name]


Today I want to give you a backstage pass to [product_name]...

You are about to discover exactly how this unique software can help you to [desired_result].

But before I go into that, let me quickly tell you why [product_name] is the best [product_niche] software available right now.

You see, one of the most powerful features of [product_name] that makes it different and better than other similar tools is [product_feature1], which allows you to [product_feature1_benefit1].

Another feature is [product_feature2], which allows you to [product_feature2_benefit2].

Also, it has [product_feature3] which allows you to [product_feature3_benefit3].

In general, here’s how you can use [product_name] to [specific_result1]:

Step 1: [usage_step1],

Step 2: [usage_step2] and

Step 3: [usage_step3]

I have also recorded a demo video that will tell you more about how works and how you can use it to [specific_result1]

Go watch the video here!

All the features you’ll see in that video and the ones listed above are just the very beginning of what we have planned.

There are so much more my of developers will be adding to [product_name] in the coming weeks and months.

And since you’ve been on my list for a while now, I’ve decided to make it super easy for you to get access to the software.

That’s why I gave you a chance to get it at a crazy discount of [discount_percentage]% discount off the actual price.

And with my 100% money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

The only way you lose is if you wait.

Because in just a few days, the launch discount and the bonus package I’m giving to early adopters will vanish.

So, click here to get [product_name] for just [discounted_price] now while you still can!




Email Sequence #5

Subject: Could this be the answer to your [product_niche] problems?


Obviously, I’ve been emailing you about [product_name] quite a bit over the past few days.

A considerable part of that is because of the overwhelming excitement surrounding the launch of this software.

Now, the one question most people have been asking me since the day [product_name] went live is

“How do I know if this tool is right for me?”

So today, I’m going to explain who this [product_name] is perfect for… and who should not bother getting it.

First off, let me start with who it is not for:

There are some people on my list who are already [product_benefit1], [product_benefit2] and [product_benefit3].

If that sounds like you, then this isn’t for you.

In fact, if you fall into this group, [product_name] probably won’t make sense for you.

On the other hand…

If you want to [specific_result1]

If you want to [specific_result2]

If you’re willing to [specific_result3]

And if you’re ready to do whatever it takes to achieve your [product_niche] goals, [product_name] is for you.

And I’m confident you’re going to be amazed at how this software will help you to achieve everything listed above and more.

But the clock is ticking.

And there are only a few days before I withdraw the special launch discount (and bonuses) I’m offering you on this software

So, stop dragging your feet now.

Instead, click the link below to get [product_name] at [20%] discount off

Get instant access now!

Talk to you soon,



The entire sequence goes to Sequence #7 and shows just how extensive the email templates in this platform are! You can even request from the team of a custom Email sequence!