Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the content that you or your team needs to keep track of and organize? Do you have a hard time managing sales collaterals and marketing materials to make sure the team is using the updated version? If so, then you need the Content Camel

What is Content Camel?

Content Camel is a content management system that streamlines the process of finding and tracking relevant content assets. Say goodbye to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Onedrive shares all unified into a single platform.

How to Content Camel

What are the advantages of Content Camel?

With Content Camel you can organize all your content by funnel stage, content type, product, industry, or tag.

You can build engagement pages, share individual assets, and track analytics, so you can get more out of your content.

As a top alternative to Highspot, the platform is a perfect fit for Marketing agencies and sales teams that want to better organize their content assets.

How to Content Camel

Content Camel - Why it should be used in your business

Content Camel automatically creates a shareable short link for every content asset you add and you'll get browser and email notifications that alert you when a prospect or customer views an asset, so your team can take the right action at the right time. How cool is that?!

Content Camel - What are its capabilities

With Content Camel, you can bundle your content to create a collection of content and share this site page which can serve as a curated guide for your prospects, customers, or partners - putting the right content in front of your audience.

How to Content Camel

Content Camel - How it will benefit your sales

With Content Camel, there is no need for more insane drive folders. Search, find, share, and track all of your sales or marketing related documents, content, and emails across your projects and campaigns at any time.

You can easily customize Content Camel to your own sales funnel stages, content types, and tags, so Sales knows which assets to use at each stage of the Buyers Journey. Organize content by product, industry, and region for global teams that are distributed across verticals and multiple product lines.

Ultimately, you can have a report on everything that’s working (and not), so you quickly take action before the competition.

How to Content Camel

Conclusion and Recommendation

We hope you enjoyed our blog post about how to manage your sales and marketing assets with Content Camel. It's not always easy to keep up with the latest marketing or sales collateral so it can be hard to keep your team up to date with the latest changes without spending a lot of time searching for the right files. Enable your Sales and Marketing teams to do more with Content Camel - everything they need in one place.