Ever wondered how they do those scroll stopping Ads on Facebook?

Well you'll need a lot of creative juices to get people scrolling on Facebook to stop by and read your Ads! Luckily, there is an easier way to generate the copy for your Ads! Let me introduce you to Ads Generator!

What is Ads Generator?

8Designers Ads Generator was created with the intention of helping marketers generate ads faster.

It is a small tool for advertisers and marketers looking to find inspiration for their social media posts.

There are over 200 unique templates and headers to use for all of your campaigns.

You can generate high-impact headlines and texts for your product or niche.

All of the ads were tested, and most of them were part of top performing campaigns.


  1. Signup or Login to their website. Click on Generate Ads

  2. Enter your Product Details, Niche, and automatically Ads Generator will generate the BEST CONVERTING copy templates that have been tested and proven to convert!

  3. Now your ad creative team will have the BEST COPY proven to convert!
  4. This tool is on its early stages and there is no SAVE feature or FAVORITE feature, so hoping things will improve in the future!