Want a Global Audience for your Brand?

Then you'd have to speak their local language! Aside from the universal language English, people tend to watch localized videos more often than watching Foreign ones. Alugha has got you covered!

What is Alugha?

Alugha is a video translation tool that streamlines the production and collaboration process for high-quality content tailored to international audiences.

How to Do Multilingual Videos with Alugha

  1. First you'll need an account in Alugha. Under Publisher, you can (1) upload a new video (2) Publish from Youtube or (3) Publish an Article like a Blog post

  2. Next you'll need to either manually add Text Segments or use Alugha's builtin Sub to Text feature which automatically detects the language segments in your video audio.

  3. Add a new language to Alugha. Make sure to record the voice track and use Alugha's timeline and segment editor

  4. You can check out our channel on Alugha with this video!

  5. Enjoy hosting on Alugha!