Never underestimate the power of word of mouth!

Recommendations from people who genuinely love your brand are your strongest "ambassadors". Their opinions and messages resonate better than messages coming directly from your brand/company. Luckily, there's tools for this! Introducing!

What is BrandChamp?

BrandChamp is a centralized platform that helps build, automate, and scale brand ambassador programs with signups, task tracking, and rewards.

How to Start A Successful Brand Ambassador Program with BrandChamp?

  1. First you'll need an account, so head over to their website here.

    How to Run a Successful Ambassador Program with BrandChamp

  2. Once you've successfully signed up for a plan, follow the steps to setup your account for the first time. Setup your BrandChamp portal with you "Brand" Details. 

    How to Setup BrandChamp Settings

  3. Next you'll need to Integrate with Amazon, Shopify, or WooCommerce

    How to BrandChamp

  4. Next you'll need an APPLICATION FORM where your future Ambassadors can signup to your program!

    BrandChamp Application Form

  5. Next you'll need to setup Activity Types for each action, what does your Ambassador get? You can design a points system and redemption catalog!

    BrandChamp Activity Type

  6. Setup Referral Commissions and Discount Codes

    BrandChamp Commission

  7. Finally Setup your Rewards Points or Activity Rewards!

    BrandChamp Rewards

  8. Don't forget to setup your EMAIL DOMAIN in the Settings!