The most popular and widely used platform to help marketers is Google Analytics.

The web traffic, preferences of users on your site, the time spent on your site are all available for you to analyse and use as marketing data. However, this information can be overwhelming with all of the data at hand. That is where Funnelll comes in!

With Funnelll, you can break down this mountain of information into a Funnelled list of relevant data that will give you a clearer perspective on how to market your website better. So if you need to know what is working for you and what isn't, then get yourself a Funnelll review today!

Funnelll Review: The Best Tool To Complement Google Analytics for Marketing Campaigns

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best free web analytics service I've found. It's a powerful tool that helps me see the traffic and usage patterns of my blog. I highly recommend it for bloggers who want to take their site to the next level and maximize their marketing budget.


We are living in an era where the convenience of the internet is at our fingertips all day, every day. Google Analytics is a web traffic analysis tool that measures and reports on visitor traffic and behavior on websites. Google Analytics is a free tool that anybody can use to monitor their website's traffic and usage. We believe that Google Analytics is an invaluable tool for website owners and managers, as this tool can give you deep insight into your visitor data (knowledge is power). Google Analytics is a free analytics tool that has a big impact on your website. 


With Google Analytics, you can gain a lot of statistics about your website, including the time that visitors stay on your site, which pages are the most popular and which are contributing to your bounce rates, the language your visitors speak and other useful information. Google Analytics even provides you with statistics on your advertising campaigns, including the number of site visitors that came from your Google ads, where they came from and how they found your site - that is if you know how to configure them properly. Funnelll is one tool that you can use to track the results of your advertising campaign - it tracks the people who came from your ads and connects every marketing tool and configure them accordingly without having to learn everything Google. Funnelll is the tool that any one would love to have in their marketing software toolkit!


The need for Funnelll

As a marketer, you need to always be working on improving your marketing campaign and marketing funnel to track your customer journey. That means you need data to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. However, simply sending an email to your website visitors and asking them to fill out a survey isn’t an effective way to gather data. The key to a successful marketing campaign is knowledge. Understanding the way your audience wants to engage with your content. This is what is needed in order to make better marketing decisions.

Funnelll Review

By having access to the data in Google Analytics, Google Search Console, ad accounts, and other marketing software, you can easily build up a mountain of information that will help you make decisions in regards to your marketing campaigns and provide you with actionable insights. But this data is too much to keep in your head. That’s where Funnelll comes in!


Features of Funnelll

Funnelll gives you a complete and complete list of everything that is currently happening in your website and you customer journey.

Funnelll Review

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When it comes to determining your SEO strategy, you need to know what search engine phrases are currently gaining the most traffic on your website. With Funnelll, you can monitor the number of hits for each keyword, the content that is being most searched on your website and how often.

Funnelll Review

Email Marketing Campaigns

Creating Email Marketing Campaigns: Nowadays, sending marketing emails can be a tricky business, you need to know if a campaign will have an impact before you invest in it. Funnelll provides you with the metrics that will help you make better decisions when it comes to your campaign strategy.

Goal Conversions

What the heck are goal conversions? Goals are automatically tracked conversion events (i.e. for a Sales funnel) in relation to your customer journey. Conversion Goals are set up through Funnelll and can be set to track specific pages, URLs, or actions taken on a website for conversion tracking.


Funnelll Review


When someone takes a desired action on your site, you can set up a goal conversion tracking to track the effectiveness of this action. The information about the goal conversions is accessible through Funnelll. The data will present information such as number of goals, number of conversions, conversion rate, etc. The conversion rate is important because it can tell you how often an action on your site results in a conversion. 



With an ever increasing number of integrations with Marketing platforms inside Funnelll, you'd be able to keep track of everything and anything in your marketing campaigns.

Funnelll Review



Because Google Analytics is such a widely used tool in the world of content marketing, but it's not the most user friendly tool for marketers and website owners.

Funnelll Review

Funnelll is a platform for marketers to use to break down their overwhelming amount of data about their website traffic. Funnelll simplifies your data to make it easy to understand and gives you the information you need to market your site better.