If you are serious about making your website successful on the web, you need to be using more than one tool to monitor the health of your site. In this blog, I am going to compare SerpWatch.io with Nozzle.io, which are the two most recently launched rank trackers. I will tell you why, despite their obvious differences, they are actually very similar tools.

The Advantages of Rank Monitoring

Rank monitoring is one of the most effective ways to identify whether there has been any movement in the ranks of a website. This is possible because websites will depend on specific keywords to bring in more traffic.

Website analytics is one of the most powerful weapons available to the modern marketer. Rank monitoring is the easiest and most effective way to check whether your marketing efforts are working.

Rank Monitoring is the only way to accurately determine your keywords ranking performance in SERPs. It provides a detailed snapshot of keyword rankings, their search volume, and their competition. This allows you to efficiently and effectively manage your keyword rankings and ensure continued success.

Order and Rank Monitor gives you the freedom to observe your competitors’ search engine rankings with no limits on the number of websites you track, pages, or keywords. This is the only tool you need to track multiple websites and monitor their positions for specific keywords.

Rank Trackers Better than Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is designed to provide you with a single, central location to see all of your search traffic, including: Search queries that lead to your site’s search performance Performance for specific queries, Top keywords, Most popular pages, Top ads, and more.

It is also a great tool for tracking rankings together with Google Analytics by associating the data between these two platforms.

As mentioned, all the tools mentioned here are good for monitoring rankings in some capacity. The following are some of the best ranking trackers to use to monitor your SEO ranking.

Nozzle.io VS SerpWatch.io

Nozzle is a full search engine results page (SERP) monitoring tool that gives you access to all the data for every keyword relevant to your brand.

Nozzle.io vs Serpwatch.io

Nozzle.io is not a cheap tool. It comes with a price tag of $99/month. But, it’s a great option for SEO agencies who want to track and analyze their clients’ rankings on a regular basis. You can track by Brands or even add Segments to filter.

Nozzle.io vs Serpwatch.io

With Nozzle, you can track your SERP changes and see your competitors keywords’ performance. 

Nozzle.io vs Serpwatch.io

Nozzle.io has an extensive Dashboard where you can drill down to the details of each metric. Perfect for SEO agencies!

Nozzle.io vs Serpwatch.io

SerpWatch.io is the only keyword rank tracker tool with completely customizable notifications.

Nozzle.io vs Serpwatch.io

Easily set up rule-based notifications for important keyword changes – Serpie will keep you informed via Slack and email.

Nozzle.io vs Serpwatch.io

Which Rank Tracker is Better?

The answer to that question depends on your specific needs. If you are serious about your research and are looking for a system that can help you track your rankings over time, then if you need location rank tracking, Nozzle.io has this feature and certainly has more advanced features built in. 

If you prefer a simpler user interface and a more user friendly but less advanced rank tracking, I'd go with Serpwatch.io.

Benefits of Rank Tracking for your Business Website

A business website is a major investment for your company. It is your shop window to your customers, and you want to see them working hard for you. Rank tracking is a great tool to help you achieve this.

Rank tracking is an essential part of SEO for businesses because it helps you to understand your website’s performance in the search engines, so you can analyze how to improve it. The benefits of rank tracking include: Understanding your market position.

If you're worried about how your business website is working for your business, rank tracking can help you understand how well your business website is performing in search engine results pages.