Facebook Groups have grown in popularity amongst Business Owners for managing their community around the product they are selling or simply network with other like minded individuals.

Unfortunately, there is just TOO MUCH NOISE on Facebook and it is such a huge headache to manage the discussions or even follow the discussions inside the Facebook group!

In this article, we will reveal to you our

Top 5 Alternatives to a Facebook Group for your Business or Community in 2021


Top 5 Alternatives to Facebook Group - Subhub

SubHub is a platform that enables users to build, host, and manage membership and subscription sites, including content and payment.

The platform provides you with all the tools you need to build, manage, and host a fully hosted membership website so no need for any software installation or dealing with complicated plugins!


Create a fully-customized site with a drag-and-drop home page editor making it custom branded for your community or business. You can set up multiple membership levels, allowing different groups of members to securely log in and see relevant content.


Easily create monthly, annual, or other recurring subscription plans as well as set your own discounts and promo codes that members can use when they signup or renew. You can even entice new subscribers with free or limited trials while controlling how and when you deliver membership content like articles, pages, images, audio, videos, and other types of content to publish immediately or at a scheduled date and time. Setup drip campaigns to deliver content to members over a period of time, such as how-to’s or onboarding tutorials.


SubHub also features a built-in shopping cart where customers can purchase products which you can fully customize with product categories, shipping terms, currency, and tax information, along with the option to automatically offer members a discount. Take credit card payments in multiple currencies using Stripe and PayPal!


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Top 5 alternatives to a Facebook Group - Bylde

Bylde is a movement for creative excellence in connecting people. For ordinary people who do extraordinary things every day. Launched in 2020, Bylde's unique platform has established it as the go-to source of inspiration and influence across Community, Group and Event Management. We have various groups across multiple industries like design, fashion, beauty, music, food, social and travel.

Inside the platform, you'll be able to create EVENTS and start DISCUSSIONS amongst your members. You can set your group as either PRIVATE (invite only) or PUBLIC where other Bylde members can instantly join the group!


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Top 5 alternatives to Facebook Group Peerboard

PeerBoard allows you to build a branded, feature-rich community forum on your own domain or embed it on your own website in Wordpress or custom code. Create a subreddit-like space for your full branded community in minutes with a custom theme color, logos, and copy.

PeerBoard offers a single categorized newsfeed that operates like a Facebook feed. Create both public and private community forums, with full control over the community’s visibility, access rights, and registration options. Branched discussion threads makes it easy for  community members to respond and react to comments, questions, or suggestions, and to follow the conversation.

PeerBoard supports rich media in posts, such as images and videos to help keep people engaged and interested (GIFs anyone!?). Members can customize their profiles by adding taglines, bios, avatars, and more.

Access and manage your community members in the forum’s built-in CRM. Quickly transfer or add new members to your community through a simple email invite. You can even block members from accessing the community board in one click!

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Top 5 alternatives to a Facebook group - Tribe.so

Tribe is a Community Platform to Create a stand-alone or integrated community website. Tribe enables its users to connect and discuss a common topic around your business services and products. Users can follow, ask questions, start discussions, upvote, comment and share content.

You can check out these 2 tribes built using the platform: 

Designpreneurs Community

Pinasmile Homes Community

You can make your community private so the content would only be accessible to logged in users. Additionally, you can make the registration by invitation, so only invited members can sign up.

There is a ton of integrations available inside the platform so do check them out here!


Wordpress (Wishlist Member)

Top 5 alternative to Facebook groups - Wishlist Wordpress

Wordpress is a popular CMS / Web Development Platform where you can easily develop custom applications or install external plugins to extend the functionalities of the platform. This option is self hosted and often used by more experienced users but provides great flexibility and customization.