Hippo Video Review

Have you ever wanted to make a video to share with your prospects?

Do you have a sales page you want to send to your list but never seem to find the time?

Do you want to record videos for your social media or blog?

Do you want to record live content to share with your audience?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Hippo Video is the perfect solution for you.

Hippo Video is a video recording, sending, and sharing app that is so simple and easy to use!

It's perfect for those of you who want to create your own video intros, tutorials, or sales videos.

Keep reading for a complete Hippo Video review!

What is Hippo Video?

Hippo Video is a video platform that helps you with customer experience. It also has the potential to boost your sales, marketing, and support efforts.

Hippo Video Review

What can you do with Hippo Video?

With Hippo Video you can

  • record your own video (inside the platform or thru a browser extension)
  • import and video and edit it inside Hippo Video
  • create a video slideshow
  • create a video sales page
  • collect video testimonials (similar to SendSpark)
  • record video inside Hubspot and other platforms
  • create a GIF or video to be sent via email
  • collect video tickets (support)
  • connect with Salesforce, Hubspot, Gmail, Mailchimp and so much more!

Hippo Video Review

There are a ton of features inside the platform that will fit into the workflow of most modern sales, marketing, and support teams.

Hippo Video Review

From record to editing, Hippo Video's got your video workflow covered!

Create a Video Sales Funnel

Modern times require a modern solution. With Hippo Video, you can easily put all of your recordings and edited videos onto a Sales Page built right inside the platform!

Hippo Video Review

High converting Video Sales Page templates were built inside the platform so you can easily create video sales pages / funnels like a PRO!

Collecting Leads and Contacts

Worried about losing a prospect or lead? Don't worry, right inside the platform you can easily collect leads and get in touch with contacts quick and easy with the built in People feature!

Hippo Video Review

Import your leads from your favorite CRM tools or your spreadsheets right inside Hippo Video.

Launching Marketing and Sales Campaigns

With Hippo Video's built in campaigns module, you can easily go from recording to converting!

Hippo Video Review

Breeze thru the entire process of building out full video campaigns right inside the platform.

Support Videos

Users requiring some support assistance? Hippo Video's got you covered on this as well!

Hippo Video Review

Share a link to your users and wait for their videos, then reply with a video! It's that easy!


We really enjoyed working inside Hippo Video since 2018 and it easily became an all-in-one video solution for many entrepreneurs since its launching. Go checkout the reviews on G2 and Capterra and make your choice how you or your business can benefit from using Hippo Video!

Hippo Video is one of those platforms you just can't stop using everyday for just about everything video!