If you’re looking to create a membership directory website, you’ve come to the right place.

This is the review and walkthrough for the Brilliant Directories software.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about the software so you can decide if it’s right for you and your business.

We’ll cover everything from the pricing, to the features, to the features, and how to use the software.

In the end, I’ll give you my opinion on the pros and cons of this membership directory software and how I think it stacks up against its competitors.

What is Brilliant Directories?

Brilliant Directories is one of the Best Directory Software - directory script & business directory software


Build Membership Websites to Own Your Industry

✔ī¸ Portals to Find Professionals  

✔ī¸ Local Directories & Guides

✔ī¸ Auto-Recurring Subscriptions  

✔ī¸ Premium Member Content

✔ī¸ Powerful Monetization Tools

✔ī¸ Build Email Marketing Lists


How to get started with Brilliant Directories?

  1. Start by logging into your website directory

    Brilliant Directories Review and Walkthrough

  2. On your dashboard, just follow the step by step guide to configuring your Brilliant Directories website. 

    Brilliant Directories Review

  3. Make sure to connect your custom domain in the General Settings - Integrations by accessing your DNS manager.

    Brilliant Directories Review

  4. Edit the pages according to your desired copy and content.

    Brilliant Directories Review

  5. Manage all posts in your directory, including discussions, classifieds, listings, etc.

    Brilliant Directories Review

  6. Manage all members, categories to make sure this matches your membership plans / tiers.

    Brilliant Directories Review

  7. Manage all interactions between members inside your directory.

    Brilliant Directories Review

  8. Make sure to setup your payment gateway and membership plans!

    Brilliant Directories Review

  9. Make sure to setup your Email addresses and Newsletter for sending to your members.

    Brilliant Directories Review

  10. Don't forget to double check on your widgets, sidebar, menu, forms, and generate sitemap when ready.

    Brilliant Directories Review