Foap is a compelling and unique startup concept with a simple idea: you can upload photos and videos you’ve taken with your smartphone for brands to use in their digital and social media marketing. Foap takes advantage of the growing trend of citizen journalism and user-generated content. Foap’s new Brand platform can be viewed as an alternative to stock photography or video footage

This app—available for Android or iPhone users—allows brands to post missions that require sourcing photos or videos, and users can take photos or shoot videos with their phones and upload them to Foap, where they can earn rewards. The level of investment required from brands is relatively small, while the benefits are potentially huge.

Using the platform, brands can buy photos and videos from Foap users. The service works on the principle of licensing, meaning that copyright is assigned to Foap, but its users retain the right to future use.


What is Foap for Brands?

Foap enables brands to crowdsource photos and videos from the world's most talented creators and videographers.

Foap provides brands with an easy way to engage with their audience by providing them with an easy, fast and flexible way to create custom video campaigns.

Foap offers an easy way for brands to crowdsource branded video content from their audience, as well as pictures and videos for social media marketing purposes.

Foap works with a wide range of brands, both B2C and B2B, from around the world to help them get more quality, relevant content for a better audience engagement.

How does Foap Missions work?

  1. Brands need to sign in on their website at

    Foap for Brands Review: Crowdsourced images and videos for your Brand
  2. Once signed in, setup your Brand. The number of Brands will depend on the subscription that you signed up for. Start your FIRST MISSION by creating a campaign and filling up the Mission Title and selecting either Photo or Video.

    Foap for Brands Review: Crowdsourced images and videos for your Brand

  3. On Foap, missions can be a Generic Mission or Product Sampling. Generic Missions can Show your audience that your business is professional and trustworthy with eye-catching content shot to your brief. Product Sampling Missions is what you choose to sample your product and supercharge your engagement by posting content from your very own customers shot on brand. The type of mission will enable based on the subscription you signed up for.

    Foap for Brands Review: Crowdsourced images and videos for your Brand

  4. If you select Product Sampling, you'll need to identify the number of users who will be sent samples of. Foap will ask for discount codes (100% off) that you need to give and have the "chosen" creators check out from  (the product checkout URL). Indicate the value (in USD) for your product, set the starting Date, Mission Description, Rules, Participant Age, Cover and Example Photos, and the Winners Rewards which is optional but highly recommended to inspire the creators.

  5. Once you are happy with your mission brief, just click on PUBLISH to post it on Foap's marketplace, where creators from all over the world can request to join in your mission. Check back in your mission portal for the photos submitted by the creators and if you are happy with the results, award the winners and buy the photos from Foap's platform.

Go check out Foap's pricing page for an updated pricing of their subscription for brands and launch your Photo and Video missions TODAY!